Are you a money match?

Couple reviewing finances together

Take this quiz to see if you and your partner’s attitudes about money are in sync.

At first, you and your partner may seem like a match made in heaven — after all, you both love sushi, can quote the best lines from Game of Thrones, and grew up in the Midwest.

But down the line you may discover you have different views on handling your money. You’re a saver; your partner spends money faster than you can count. You wait until the last minute to pay your bills; your partner sets up an automatic bill pay as soon as the invoice comes. You have student loan debt, your partner does not.

Money woes can often break a relationship — and unfortunately, financial issues can take years to bubble to the surface. Studies show that 91% of Americans in committed relationships agree that it is important to discuss their partner’s financial history before marriage, yet 26% admit they tend to avoid talking about money.

Don’t be in that 26%. Take our quiz to see if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are on the same financial page. And if you’re not, that’s OK! We’ve got advice on how to get there.

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