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Planning and paying for college

  • Discover ways to plan and pay for your college degree, from SATs to scholarships and more.

  • A digital guide to help students and families efficiently prepare for college.

  • Learn how to pay for college in five manageable steps.

  • Get free access to search over 7 million scholarships in this database, exclusively sponsored by Wells Fargo.

  • Get information that can help you navigate college financially.

Managing money

  • Make your money go further with these tips for spending, saving, and more.

  • Watch students share tips on how they budget, and use our worksheet to develop your own.

  • Learn how to get started on your journey to better financial health.

  • Gain financial independence with an easy and convenient checking account that meets your needs.

Earning money

  • Discover ways to gain experience and earn money, on and off campus.

Understanding credit

  • Learn about credit, and how good credit can benefit you now and in the future.

  • Does your credit matter in college? Learn the answer and how credit impacts you.

Additional resources

  • Information to help students and their families navigate college during this uncertain time.

  • Attend webinars and learn how to financially prepare for life after college.

  • Learn how Wells Fargo supports communities, higher education, and more.

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