Getting a handle on acceptance paperwork

student smiling at college acceptance

Once your high school senior has been accepted to college, it’s time to tackle the paperwork together.

Every school is different in regard to what paperwork they require, so it’s important to pay attention to any communication from your senior’s new school about needs and the upcoming deadlines to be met.

In order to keep things rolling, work with your student to create a list of paperwork to be completed and its due date. Following are a few examples of paperwork that you may need to complete:

Deposit for admission. Upon accepting an offer from a college, you or your student may need to send in a deposit in order to hold your student’s place.

Housing application. In order to get the housing your student prefers, you’ll want encourage them to get this application completed as soon as possible after accepting the school’s offer.

Orientation registration. Take a look at your family’s summer schedule and have your student get registered for orientation as soon as possible to secure the spot that best works for your family.

Financial aid. If you and /or your student will be borrowing funds for college, it’s important to apply for financing as soon as possible. Check to see what your school has offered on their award letter and apply for any loans needed to cover your student’s costs.

Work-Study selection. If your student will be taking on a Work-Study job to help pay for college, work with the financial aid office to find what positions are available, and have your student apply as soon as possible.

Your school may have different—or additional—paperwork to complete so reach out to the college admissions office if you and your student have any questions about getting ready for the fall.

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