High school bucket list ideas: Make the most of your senior year

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Soak up your last moments in high school while also preparing for college with these must-do items.

Your time in high school might be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to make memories — or get a jumpstart on your college career. Whether it’s something small, like eating at a new lunch table, or something a little bigger, like trying out for a play, there are many ways to soak up the last moments of high school before starting the next chapter.

One way to do this is to create a senior bucket list with must-do items to complete before the end of the year. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Check out these fun bucket list items for inspiration on how to make senior year your best one yet. 

1. Don’t forget to say thank you!

We all have that one teacher who influenced us the most in high school. Maybe they took a little extra time to explain math problems to you or they wrote a college recommendation letter for you. Whatever the reason, take the time to thank them — you never know when you might need their help again, plus you’ll make their day!

2. Open a bank account

While you may have been fine using cash in high school, consider that a checking account (and debit card) can be super helpful in college. If you don’t have your own checking and savings accounts, talk to your parents about opening both before you graduate from high school and head to college. The best part? There’s no monthly service fee for Wells Fargo Everyday Checking primary account holders who are 17 to 24 years old.

 3. Go to prom

Dress up, ride in a limo, dance like crazy — it’s prom! Whether you have a date or you’re just going with friends (girls’ nights are the best nights!), you’ll want to make this night magical. Just make sure your friends pay you their share of the tab.

Zelle® makes it easy for group pay, like splitting that limo or spotting your friends for after-prom burgers and shakes. Zelle is already a part of the Wells Fargo Mobile® app and part of Wells Fargo Online®, so there’s nothing to download (and it’s probably part of your friend’s banking app1, too).

4. Get your sport on

Not a huge fan of sports? That’s okay! Part of high school is trying new things and getting involved with what other students are into. Grab a few friends, hit up your favorite burger joint before the game, and make a night out of a home football game or the basketball regional playoffs.

Consider cheering on sports teams that you haven’t seen before: Go to a diving meet or a girls’ softball game. Not only will it be something new for you and your friends to try out, but the team will love having you in the stands.

5. Figure out what’s up with credit

Graduating high school is a huge step toward your next chapter, but part of taking that next step is getting real about your finances. You might feel like you don’t need to understand credit just yet — hey, you only just figured out trigonometry! — but getting a jumpstart on building credit is always a good thing. Even if you’re not sure you want your own credit card yet, take time to learn why your credit score is so important and how you can make sure it stays healthy during your college years.

6. Practice setting and reaching a financial goal

One of the best parts about senior year is making lasting memories. Maybe that means taking a beach trip after graduation or buying a new phone to stay connected with friends after you head to college. Chances are, mom and dad will appreciate you making those dreams a reality with your own money. You can do some careful planning to save up the cash.

If you have a Wells Fargo checking account, consider using available tools like Budget Watch. Budget Watch takes your account history to suggest monthly goals for different categories (like “travel” for beach week or “shopping” for when you buy clothes or shoes).  You can also go into Budget Watch and manually set goals.

7. Celebrate your accomplishments

Don’t forget to celebrate what’s important: that you’re one step closer to your future! Whether you’re celebrating getting into your dream college, landing a cool job, or just taking time to figure out your next move, be sure to take the time to celebrate you and your accomplishments with friends and family. Plan a dinner or take a selfie wearing your new college logo — just make sure you’re taking some time for you.

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