If I Knew Then: Gabriella Gamez

Gabriella Gamez

Getting into college takes a lot of work and support, but plenty of students have done it before. We asked five former college students to share their experiences throughout the application process as well as information they wish they knew before starting it. This is Gabriella’s perspective.

The digital age makes a lot of things easier, especially applying for college, right? Maybe not, if your parents went to school before the Internet made submissions a snap. Gabriella found out that, even as a second-generation college student, she would have to figure a lot of the college application process out on her own.

But that didn’t stop her.

She quickly realized her parents had graduated from college too long ago to be of much help with the newer digital application process. She received most of her college insights from friends and high school counselors. Because she was unfamiliar with the timeline of submission due dates, Gabriella started applying later than most of her friends.

With all her time spent catching up and getting her applications in on time, she didn’t have a lot of time to apply for scholarships. However, once she got into Texas Tech, she was able to apply for several that would help her finance the following year’s tuition. Her parents even found another way to help—with budgeting.

Though her experience, from admissions to budgeting, differed greatly from her parents’, she still benefited from their advice and input. Whether it was proofreading essays or just encouraging her along the way, Gabriella’s parents gave her plenty of support.

When asked what advice she had for her past self regarding the college application process, she said simply, “Scholarships. Scholarships. Scholarships.”

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