Quiz: What kind of roommate are you?

Roommates cook together in the kitchen.

Find out if you’re easy to cohabitate with — and tips for improving your roommate relationships.

Almost everyone experiences the roommate life in college, and many people opt to live with a friend post-graduation to help save money. But how compatible of a roommate are you?

Take the quiz below to see how easy you are to live with.

Five tips for keeping the peace with your roommate

  1. Keep track of your own finances so that you’re not late paying any shared bills. Remember: If your name is on the bill, you’re responsible for paying it on time — late payments could impact your credit history.
  2. Grocery shop together and check out separately. If you plan on cooking a shared meal together, assign everyone a different ingredient to buy.
  3. Use a calendar to keep track of whose turn it is to do tasks around your dorm or apartment. This will prevent anyone from playing the blame game when it’s time to tidy up.
  4. Clean up behind yourself in common areas as much as possible. Throw away any old food or drinks, put away your shoes and books, and remember it’s a shared space — the kitchen table is not your personal desk.
  5. Inform your roommate of any guests you plan to have over to prevent awkward surprises.

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