They’ve been accepted! Now let’s tie up loose ends

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Here are a few tips your students can use to help narrow down their choices.

As schools make final selections on their applicants, your students may see letters stacking up in their mailboxes. Whether they have a wealth of options or one clear decision, students may look for advice on what comes next. Here are five steps they can take to enter college seamlessly.

1. Make a final college decision

If some of your students have been accepted into multiple schools, this is a great opportunity for them to look more deeply into what each college or university has to offer. Here are a few tips your students can use to help narrow down their choices:

Ask questions

Students may know a lot about certain aspects of each school, but this is the time to get answers for any remaining questions. They can ask someone who’s been at the school before or is currently enrolled, so social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook are a good way to find alumni or current students.

Visit or revisit campuses

There’s really no better litmus test than experiencing the campus first hand. So if students are stuck, suggest they walk the university grounds, tour the dorms, or even sit in on a class. If time or budgets don’t allow for a visit, a virtual tour can be helpful as well.

Compare award letters

For many, it will come down to which school makes the most competitive financial offer. By guiding students through the award letter process, they can feel well-rounded and confident in their final decisions.

2. Send in an acceptance letter

If any of your students are wait listed at their first-choice school, they may find it tempting to keep their options open. This can be dangerous since wait-list candidates typically get accepted after the attendance confirmation deadline (typically May 1). Students should send in a letter of acceptance and a deposit for a college that’s already chosen them to make sure they have a place to go in the fall.

3. Set calendar reminders for important deadlines

Your students will want to stay organized once they’ve been accepted. Setting important calendar reminders can be a great way to do this. Have them gather all of their admissions and financial aid paperwork and see what’s due and when. Then, they should set calendar reminders so nothing slips through the cracks, like sending in final transcripts, housing forms deadlines, or accepting additional financial aid.

4. Let other colleges free up the spot

Once a college decision is made, the students should contact the other schools they’ve been accepted to and let them know they won’t be attending. By declining quickly, a spot gets freed up for another student who could be waiting for that seat.

5. Resist senioritis

Senior-year entropy can come with unhappy side effects. For example, colleges reserve the right to rescind a letter of acceptance or a financial aid award upon review of a student’s final transcripts. Remind your students that with a little focus, some study tools, and long-term goal setting, they can resist the hypnotizing pull of senioritis.

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