Unique gift ideas for your student

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Your teen is sure to cherish these gifts even after the holiday season has passed.

Parents, does it seem like you’ve given your high school student the same holiday gifts year after year? It can become a formula: a piece of clothing, a book, and the latest technology that may be outdated by New Year’s Eve!

To help you get out of the gift-giving rut, we’ve put together a list of meaningful holiday presents for high school students. Your teen is sure to cherish these gifts even after the holiday season has passed.

Experiential gifts

Reports show that 72% of Millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than material things. Follow their suggestion this year by gifting the opportunity to enjoy an event or experience. A music-lover would be thrilled with concert tickets or a trip to a music festival, while an aspiring chef may love to take a cooking class.

If you’re shopping for a DIY-er, consider gifts that will allow them to be hands-on. There are craft kits suitable for every hobby and interest, from creating jewelry to building a Bluetooth-controlled mini-robot!

Monetary gifts

Time after time, when students are asked what they really want for the holidays, the answer is cold, hard cash. Money and gift cards will always be extremely well received presents, and can truly make an impact if your teen is saving for college or setting aside money for another goal, like a car.

To make the present more meaningful, consider a cash gift as a way to start a conversation about smart financial decision-making. Encourage your student to save at least 10% of their holiday gift money, using this as an opportunity to open a checking or savings account if they don’t already have one.

 Subscription service gifts

A subscription service is a present your student will enjoy throughout the entire year — it’s like giving them 12 gifts instead of one! An added bonus: High school students who don’t regularly get much mail will love receiving packages.

The options are endless: Makeup lovers rave about Birchbox; comic book fans will love ComicBoxer; artists are sure to enjoy the highly rated ArtSnacks; and the Instagram-famous FabFitFun boxes have a little bit of everything, including beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products. Not sure if there’s a subscription box out there for your student? Simply search “______ of the month club” online and fill in the blank with your teen’s hobby or interest to get some ideas.

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