Wells Fargo works across the country to create solutions to pressing societal challenges via its corporate responsibility efforts. Wells Fargo Stories and the Bank of Doing pages on the main Wells Fargo website are two places that regularly chronicle how we’re helping our communities thrive.

Here at CollegeSTEPS, you’ll see specific actions Wells Fargo takes to address issues that matter directly to high school students, college students and recent college graduates.

Higher education

Wells Fargo has a long history of providing significant support to propel diverse students along their higher-education journey. Our signature sponsorships offer empowering scholarships and student programs through the American Indian Graduate Center, APIA Scholars, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Point Foundation, Scholarship America, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and United Negro College Fund.

$107 million

Amount invested in scholarships and programming for diverse students, since 2011, to support programming and scholarships to diverse programs, including signature sponsorships.

15,000+ students

Number of students assisted by Wells Fargo programming and scholarships since 2011.

5,000+ hours

Estimated time Wells Fargo employees volunteered in support of diverse scholar programs since 2018.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

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When people of different races, ethnicities, experiences, genders, abilities, and perspectives work together, communities benefit. That’s why it's important to address systemic inequality and injustice in America.

Our numerous corporate social responsibility commitments are intertwined. So we look for ways to address multiple issues when we act: for example, promoting access to higher education and lifting up underserved populations in sponsoring scholarships, or fueling small-business growth and helping minority entrepreneurs through Wells Fargo commercial banking programs.

Efforts within
Wells Fargo

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Our company aims to attract more diverse talent, become a more inclusive workplace, and serve diverse communities more meaningfully. We acknowledge we have a ways to go to reach these goals, so we're strengthening our efforts and increasing our speed of change. Follow our progress on Wells Fargo Stories.

LGBTQ+ allies

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In 1987, Wells Fargo added sexual orientation to our nondiscrimination policy. Since then, we have continued our support internally through the Wells Fargo PRIDE Team Member Network and externally through financial and volunteer support to LGBTQ organizations. Key nonprofit partners include:

HRC, Point Foundation, The Trevor Project, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, True Colors United, SAGE, GLSEN, GLAAD


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Wells Fargo and GLSEN have worked together since 2010 to distribute Safe Space Kits to teachers, counselors and administrators who want to be educated allies to K-12 LGBTQ+ youth. In 2014, we reached the goal of getting a kit into every middle and high school in the U.S. Wells Fargo has continued its philanthropic support to GLSEN and is now funding programs, including student leadership programming, which develops individual student leaders and acts to end bullying.

Economic empowerment


Internships are an important way for students to network and gain real-world work experience. Wells Fargo offers a range of undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities around the country, including many internship roles that can be done remotely.

Housing Affordability

We want to make housing more affordable for all, and to end homelessness. 326,000 people were counted homeless in America on a single surveyed night in January 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 2020 Point-in-Time estimate. Housing affordability continues to be at the lowest affordability level since 2012, according to the National Association of Home Builders/Well Fargo Housing Opportunity Index.

Wells Fargo often works with nonprofits to effectively take action on housing. We also offer our own programs that give down payment assistance and financial guidance to first-time and low-income homeowners.

Financial health

A recent survey found that 86% of college students say the coronavirus pandemic has made them more concerned about their financial future. As a student, you are seeking out trusted resources to help you find answers to your questions and learn about ways to improve your financial health. Because when you’re in good financial health, you’ve got a plan that works for you today, for rainy days, and for the goals you want to reach some day. Wells Fargo helps students and their families with the following programs and partnerships:

Small business growth

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong with students. According to a recent survey by Intelligent, 60% of 2022 US college graduates say they plan to run their own business. Of these students, 17% have already begun operating their own business.

To help new and growing small businesses, Wells Fargo provides both educational guidance at Wells Fargo Works for Small Business and access to capital through the Open for Business Fund.

Environmental sustainability

Financing a more sustainable future

The Wells Fargo Institute for Sustainable Finance supports clients and communities to accelerate the transition to an equitable, low-carbon economy. Together, we produce analysis and insights to help address evolving social and environmental challenges and advocate for positive outcomes. With a goal to deploy $500 billion in sustainable financing by 2030, we help direct capital to sustainable businesses and projects.


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