Seven unique ways to earn money on campus

A female college student applies for jobs in a coffee shop.

Boost your resume and build up your skills while making a little extra cash with these student jobs

Looking to earn a paycheck to put toward tuition or your weekly pizza ritual with your roommate? Barista positions aren’t the only jobs out there for college students, and many options are right on campus.

Such jobs can be an awesome opportunity for you to make connections and learn new skills. As a bonus, on-campus jobs may strengthen your resume, especially if your job is related to the field you want to pursue postgraduation.

Check with your school’s administration or career center to see what opportunities are available; they’ll vary from college to college.

To jump-start your search, here are seven unique student job ideas that may be available on campus:

On-campus fitness centers have a number of jobs available to students. For one, you could become a fitness instructor. From yoga to spin class, show off your energy and leadership skills, all while breaking a sweat in a fun role. Some fitness centers may have need of a lifeguard or a rock wall attendant. Fitness centers may offer a flexible schedule so you can still make your classes a priority.

Resident assistant positions can be a good option for students looking to make connections on campus while testing out their problem-solving skills and serving as a support system for their peers. Plus, these positions typically come with a huge perk: free housing. It’s important to keep in mind that this job is a big task to take on. You are responsible for overseeing your residents’ safety and enforcing residence hall rules. That said, if you’re serious about becoming a resident assistant you’ll want to apply well in advance, as these are competitive positions.

Becoming a tutor is a great way to refine your academic skillset while helping your peers in the process. Whether you’re a whiz at writing or a champ at chemistry, tutoring can boost your resume and expand your leadership and mentoring skills. Plus, tutors can make hourly rates above minimum wage; most on-campus learning centers offer a flexible schedule, which allows you to work in tutoring sessions with your class schedule.

Are you the person your friends are always coming to for help setting up their smartphones or fixing their laptops? Then you might want to consider looking into an IT position on your campus. Most colleges have their own on-campus IT centers and are may be looking for extra help. Sit side-by-side with the IT team and learn how to tackle different types of technical issues while gaining communication skills and real, firsthand IT experience.

Contribute to your school’s social media presence and put your creativity to the test. Social media is a huge part of how companies are marketing, and colleges are no different. Who better to tap into the student voice than real students? Check out your college’s marketing department, as they might be interested in paying students to assist with social media. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved with your campus community and show your ability to stay up with the latest trends.

Use your creativity and knack for visual design to contribute to your school’s online presence. Whether you’re creating a web page for your school’s alumni relations or updating the math department’s homepage, this can be an awesome way to boost your personal portfolio. A position like this might also give you some familiarity with different software and design programs and really help your resume stand out from the crowd.

Even if you don’t plan to pursue a writing or media career, having strong writing skills can help in any job. And there’s a lot more that goes into online or print publishing than just writing: collaborating with a team, designing layouts, taking and editing photographs, working against deadlines, and following processes — all of which provide opportunities to foster your organizational and project management skills.

Direct deposit can be an awesome tool to use when you’re earning money.

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