Lazarus Lynch: Son of a southern chef

Pulling from his roots, this risk-taking chef has launched his own brand building on his social network.

Never one to listen to the naysayers, Lazarus Lynch found a way to combine his culinary creativity with his desire to connect people, and his brand “Son of a Southern Chef” was born. A blend of teaching cooking as a life-skill and inspiring you to try something new, Lazarus’ online show invites you to “cook with soul, eat with pleasure.”

His business is an homage to his dad, who taught him the importance of using food to create community, as well as how to treat risk like an old friend. To grow his brand, Lazarus actively seeks out collaborative partners, harnesses an unflagging optimistic spirit, and does all that he can to learn from the masters.

He may call his success a “happy accident,” but knows deep down that “if you’re not taking risk, it’s likely not worth it.” Find more stories about fellow risk-takers and how to protect your financial future.

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