College Financial Foundations Webinar Series

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Get information that can help you navigate college financially.

Whether you’re planning for or in college currently – get free access to these on-demand webinars covering a wide range of topics:

Funding your student’s college education
Designed for parents and guardians who are looking to better understand the cost of college, how to read acceptance letters, and learn about resources and tools available to help you understand the college funding process.

Working toward your financial goals
Money provides the means to achieve your dreams. Watch to learn how a financial plan may help you reach our goals, big and small.

Semester goals – plan for your finances
This semester is a great time to consider your financial status and your goals. Join us to learn how to get your finances in order for the rest of the year — and set yourself up for success when you graduate.

Wells Fargo’s 8 Healthy Financial Habits
Wells Fargo believes that small changes can easily turn into habits that could have a big impact on your financial health. Get started on your journey to better financial health with Wells Fargo’s 8 Healthy Financial Habits.

Managing your money – budgeting and savings ideas
You’ve got financial goals—we can help you reach them.  Learn budgeting and savings ideas that may help.

Let’s Talk Credit
Get a boost in your credit knowledge!  Learn how credit works and how it can be used to help with your goals.

Saving for an emergency
Being prepared for unexpected expenses will set you up for financial success. Join us to learn how you can have peace of mind, both every day and during big life changes.


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