Philip Pledger: Starting a hometown tradition

With some creative thinking, Philip Pledger is making a name for himself in his hometown.

Philip Pledger’s On My Way story as recorded in 2017

What do you do when a miscommunication leads to having music shows booked on four consecutive nights in a small city where there could be limited demand? Philip Pledger made the most of the situation and called it a festival. Now, Phuzz Phest is going strong and is a vibrant part of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city where Philip grew up and always wanted to make his mark.

To make it happen, Philip had to educate himself on budgeting and other important money matters to make sure the festival would be viable year-in and year-out. Those lessons have helped Phuzz Phest be more than a one-hit wonder. If you dream of making money off your passions like Philip, here are five tips to get your side gig started.

Learn about managing your accounts, setting up alerts, paying bills, and more.

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