Quiz: What’s the best way to pay?

There are so many ways to move money now, but the best method for paying may depend on what you’re buying.

Years ago, there were three main ways to pay for things: cash, check, or credit card.

But as more financial technology is invented, there are a growing number of convenient and safer ways to pay. You no longer have to mail in a check and cross your fingers it gets to your landlord by the first of the month — just use Zelle®. There’s less of a chance of being a nickel short when paying for your morning coffee — the corner bodega now accepts mobile wallet payments! And while it’s handy to have cash on hand, you often find yourself with an empty wallet — and that’s OK.

But when is it best to use each payment method? Take the quiz below to find out a few instances of when you should pay with Bill Pay1, check, Zelle, cash, or Wells Fargo Credit or Debit Cards — either your physical card or in your preferred mobile wallet (whew!).

Learn more about ways to pay for life’s day-to-day purchases.

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