Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s

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As you ready yourself for your first year in college, there are a few very important things to do before packing up the car, planning your dorm room décor, or selecting classes. You’ve worked hard these past four years to set yourself up for an exciting academic future, and you’re almost to the finish line.

After your initial college acceptance letter, you will receive a variety of information related to course scheduling, housing, orientation sessions, etc. Be sure to keep this information front and center at home so that you stay organized for the final steps before heading to school.

This is the perfect time to ensure you are taking responsibility for your future, as it is now your job to stay organized and get the right forms back to your college by the right dates. This will help you get the best housing, schedule and college experience possible.

Below, we have listed a few things to remember when dotting your i’s, crossing your t’s, and readying yourself for the next few years of your life!

  1. Send your final transcript – Colleges are most interested in this because they want to ensure that you have passed all of your classes and are properly preparing yourself for the next big step in higher education. Be sure to finish strong so your final transcript is filled with grades that reflect your hard work and responsibility. To acquire your final transcript, set up a meeting with your school counselor to have your grades sent to the college of your choice.
  2. Housing deposit – If you’ve decided to move away from home and have decided on the living quarters that best fit your academic and social desires, you’ll want to send your school a housing deposit so you ensure a spot at your favorite on campus housing option. Doing so early will give you a better chance of getting the dorm room of your choice. Be conscious of housing deadlines as every school is different.
  3. Financial deposit – Once you’ve decided which school you would like to attend, notify that school of your commitment and submit any required financial deposit. This will let the school know that you’re actually coming in the fall. If you don’t know when this is due, inquire more details from your schools admissions office.
  4. Choosing classes – Do so as early as possible to get the classes at the times that best fit your schedule and daily rhythm. Waiting to register for classes may land you in a time slot that might not fit very well with your schedule.
  5. Review your financial aid checklist – Back when you were accepted, your school should have provided a financial aid checklist to help you with staying organized for school. At this point in the college journey you will want to review this checklist to make sure all deposits and payments have been made for the fall.

Stay organized so that when fall semester comes around, all of your chips fall exactly where they belong.

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